Listen up, movie addicts! There’s a new movie theatre in town —AMENIC Film Space, which simply means “cinema” when spelled backwards– and it’s perfect for those who love watching movies but really can’t stand other people.

Introverts like me are going to love this space because it is catered towards a small, cosy crowd which can fit a maximum of 4 to 12 people per room. So yes, you can finally say goodbye to random buzz killers and enjoy the movie with your actual homies.

Whether it’s a timeless classic, a film you missed, or a story you simply love revisiting over and over again, just head over to Amenic at Damansara Kim and choose from over a hundred films in their library and relive its magic on the cinema-grade spaces.

What’s more, you can also host intimate luncheons and dinners in collaboration with the ever delightful Lat Tali Lat restaurant, corporation training sessions, as well as gaming nights. Writing huddles and work desks (group/isolated) are also available for the public.

Amenic’s rates differ based on the size of the and day of the week, with special rates available to members known as MENIACs:

1. Cozy Space (1–4 pax) rental per head (Weekday/Weekend):
Normal: RM18 / RM22
Member: RM10 / RM14

2. Binge Space (up to 12 pax) rental per head (Weekday/Weekend):
Normal: RM9 / RM12
Member: RM5 / RM8

Visit Amenic Film Space to learn more.