Thank you Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh for making us Malaysians super proud!

During the final episode of Season One for the American science fiction TV series Star Trek: Discovery, the renowned actress had a little surprise up her sleeves for fellow Malaysians when she gave a shoutout to Malaysia and claimed that she came from Pulau Langkawi as part of her script.

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

Yeoh, who plays Captain Philippa Georgiou, first mentioned that she is from Malaysia, and when further pressed by character Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, about the exact location in which she grew up, Yeoh replied, “Pulau Langkawi”.

“Where are you from, Captain? That saying about Kelpians is so apt, having experienced it firsthand. I wonder where it originated,” asked Michael. Captain Philippa responded, “Don’t be silly Michael, you know I grew up in Malaysia.”

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube
“But where exactly? I went there with you once but I can’t remember the name,” asked Michael. “Pulau Langkawi,” Captain Philippa responded. “Right. Those beautiful beaches,” said Michael. “Indeed,” affirmed Captain Philippa, who said it with so much bad*ssery!

Though the whole moment was brief, Yeoh’s mention of both Malaysia and Pulau Langkawi has evidently been lauded by many of her Malaysian fans. Yeoh is originally from Ipoh, Perak, but either way, she sure did her home country good this time around! Watch the full thing here: