Valentine’s Day. The overrated romantic holiday that exploits the ambiguity of relationships by cashing in on all your unnecessary spending, acquired through the means of pressuring lovebirds into preparing amorous gestures for their other halves, whether it be chocolates, flowers, a holiday, expensive dinner.. What have you.

But regardless of our thoughts, there are those who take Valentine’s Day very, very seriously; so much so that the lifeline of their relationship depends ultimately on how their Valentine’s Day pans out. You know.. those who get vengefully bitter over the fact that their partners had failed to surprise them with a huge declaration of love.

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For that reason, we totally understand why so many people got upset with this popular Malaysian online flower delivery service that unfortunately bit off more than it could chew. The worst case scenario literally came to pass – it had failed to fulfil orders meant to be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

The online flower delivery service first apologised for their shortfall citing “unfortunate circumstances” and “bad weather”. And while the team tried their best to reroute delivery on Valentine’s Day itself and offer full refunds, clients were obviously left fuming. In some cases, efforts to contact the flower delivery service also proved worthless.

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Some of them received their bouquets really late in the evening way after normal working hours, and as most of these bouquets were supposed to be dispatched to workplaces, many had to turn back to receive their flowers. Some others weren’t so lucky and there was no sight of theirs whatsoever.

Understandably, this could have happened to anyone and at any time of year, but on Valentine’s Day? Yikes. With all that said and with no bad intent, we truly feel sorry for the online flower delivery service in question. For sure this unforeseen incident would have marred its credibility, but the takeaway is that they’ll learn and hopefully get back stronger.