Welp, there will no longer be an excuse for you to be ignoring your employer’s messages from now on even when you’re up in the air because AirAsia has just announced that all of its loyalty program AirAsia BIG members will be able to enjoy a free 2MB Chats Plan onboard flights starting today.

Okay, okay, 2MB really isn’t much, but as the Chats Plan gives you access to WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, KakaoTalk and Viber applications, it could be sufficient for light texting back and forth when you’re absolutely bored out of your mind with nothing else to occupy your time with.

Photo: Twitter

AirAsia BIG’s 2MB Chats Plan will be available on all Rokki-enabled flights, and to enjoy the feature, BIG members will have to connect to Rokki WiFi during the flight and then log in to the Rokki portal using their AirAsia BIG login details to redeem the plan for free.

On top of Rokki’s in-flight entertainment system, you can now send your parents messages to ensure them of your safety up in the air if need be, or sext.. What have you. Access airasiabig.com for more details on the 2MB Chats Plan!