Every Brazilian wax experience could be same old, but STRIP: Ministry of Waxing keeps things exciting from time to time with its own unique blends of wax. And from February until 31 May 2018, its new Desert Rose Wax takes the spotlight. The question is.. Is the scented wax merely a marketing gimmick? Here’s the verdict.

Upon first impression, the glistening magenta coloured hard wax looks like any other STRIP formulation. There is more than meets the eye though as the ultra smooth concoction is jam-packed with aloe vera for its anti-inflammatory properties and to prevent irritation by way of soothing the skin.

The super soft Desert Rose Wax that has a light floral scent also contains the calming benefits of chamomile to help reduce redness while keeping the skin hydrated during and after the treatment. While all these claims sounded promising, I remained apprehensive until experiencing it for myself.

For someone like myself with a laughable threshold for pain, my regular Brazilian wax treatment certainly did feel far less agonising with the use of the new Desert Rose Wax. And that’s taking into account the heightened sensitivity I was experiencing as it was that time of the month. There was still discomfort, but much milder.

What really impressed me was the end result. Not only did less bumps pop up right after the treatment, they also dissipated quicker than usual and left no irritation or itchiness whatsoever. This may sound crazy, but the wax somehow left the skin around the area feeling healthy and hydrated – a huge leap from several other waxes I’ve tried.

Haven’t yet experienced a Brazilian wax treatment yourself? The skin-friendly Desert Rose Wax at STRIP: Ministry of Waxing is a superb first-timer option we can vouch for, even for the most sensitive of skins. Just in case you aren’t convinced, this article isn’t sponsored. We really do adore the wax!

The Desert Rose Wax is available in all eight STRIP outlets from now until 31 May 2018. First-time customers can enjoy the Desert Rose Brazilian Wax for ladies at RM88 (usually RM120.50) and the Desert Rose Boyzilian Wax at RM118 (usually RM149).

Contact STRIP at the following numbers (03-2201 6310 / 03-2201 6311) or email¬†[email protected]. Alternatively, find out more about STRIP via its official website or Facebook page.