British-Albanian songstress Dua Lipa just got herself entangled in unnecessary drama involving insensitive Malaysians after she addressed her father as “babi” (pig in Bahasa Malaysia) on Instagram in a birthday greeting.

Her original caption stated, “Happy birthday babi, I wish I was home to give you a big hug and kiss.” In actuality, “babi” means “dad” in Albanian.

She later edited her caption to “Happy birthday dad..” after many Malaysians mocked her for the insensitive use of “babi”, although some did defend Lipa over the term.

Lipa announced back in February that she would be dropping by Malaysia for her Self-Titled Tour in KL Live on the 3rd of May 2018, and frankly speaking, it really wasn’t nice of Malaysians to attack her over “babi”.

Luckily, her record label has confirmed that there will be no changes in her schedule even after this stupid incident. Leave the damn girl alone, y’all. The world doesn’t revolve around Malaysia solely.

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