In simple words, confinement period is a time of recovery for mothers who had just delivered a baby into the world, which usually takes a whole month to properly give them a chance to rest and recuperate from the strenuous birthing process. During this time, a confinement lady is usually hired to help prepare meals and take care of both the baby and the mother. However, before entering confinement, there are some things that you definitely need to keep in mind in order to ensure a speedy and fuss-free recovery.

1.No sex!

Your husband will have to make do for a while. During this time period, you need to allow your body to heal, especially in the perineum area. You will probably be very sore and tender, which wouldn’t help create a great mood for any hanky panky too. Note: Some people have died as a result of being forced to have sex during their confinement period, so please beware!

2. Do not wash your hair

Though this rule was established at a time where hairdryers did not exist, it is still discouraged for mums to wash their hair. Normally, an alternative would be to get some dry shampoo to keep the oil in check.

3. No bathing

Unless you use herbal baths which include lemongrass, ginger and betel leaves (daun sirih). However, you can only bathe very occasionally during the confinement period and make sure that it’s with warm water, not cold!

4. No fans

Or strong winds of any kind (But air cond is fine!). Basically, it’s important not to expose yourself to the cold. Make sure to cover up with warm clothes as well and to expose as little skin to the elements as possible.

5. No ‘cooling’ or ‘windy’ foods

That means no foods like cucumbers, Chinese pears, barley, jackfruit and cold drinks! Nothing from the fridge. However, it’s essential to maintain a healthy appetite in order to recover quickly. Ensure your diet is filled with high protein foods and lots of ginger.

6. Do not overexert your body

No heavy lifting, no strenuous exercises. Some even discourage mums from climbing stairs during this time period. This is especially important for mums who went through a C-section. In order to heal quicker, it is important not to aggravate the wounds, which would delay healing.

Thus, in order to ensure that you get the best out of your confinement period, it’s essential that you don’t forget these tips. That way, you will be able to recover as fast as possible, tighten up your loose muscles, and be in fighting fit shape to take care of your newborn baby in no time.

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