Congratulations are in order, as Mean Girls and Notebook star Rachel McAdams recently welcomed a baby boy into the world!

The 39-years-old actress and her longtime boyfriend Jamie Linden, 37, reportedly welcomed a baby boy into the world recently, as  they were spotted carrying the infant to lunch not too long ago.

This is obviously a surprise, but it’s not shocking to see that Rachel kept the birth of her baby under wraps. As a matter of fact, her pregnancy wasn’t even revealed to the world until she was about 7 months along.

In the pics posted by Hollywood Pipeline, Rachel can be seen wearing a baseball cap and flannel shirt, while Jamie is wearing a checkered shirt and cradling a baby in his arms. Obviously, that could be any baby, but considering it was recently reported that Rachel was about 7 months along in her pregnancy in February, it seems very likely that this infant is their first born.

Rachel and Jamie, who you may recognise from Dear John, started dating in April 2016, but have kept their relationship — like her pregnancy — on the down-low ever since.

Aww! The question now is, will Rachel be a cool mom or just.. you know.. a regular mom?