Zaihani Mohd Zain is no stranger to the Malaysian fashion industry. Occasionally dubbed as the Anna Wintour of Malaysia and former fashion stylist as well as fashion advisor for Media Prima, the 50-something fashion critic is undoubtedly known for her style expertise.. but unfortunately sparked outrage for a bizarre comment she made on Facebook.

Photo: Screengrab via Twitter

She said, “Kalau berat badan melebihi 60kg, tak payah lah datang, sebab nya peha awak tu melimpah kat kerusi sebelah kiri dan kanan awak . It’s so awkward and uncomfortable for the persons seated next to you!!!” In English, she’s literally slamming those weighing above 60kg for attending fashion shows and for making their neighbours uncomfortable.

Photo: Suhaimi Sulaiman

Wow, just wow. In this day and age where inclusivity is at the forefront of the global beauty, fashion and entertainment industry, clearly her remark is unacceptable. Evidently, she drew throngs of angry netizens who left snarky comments on her posts, leading her to ultimately set her Instagram and Facebook pages to private.

Well, you know what? You deserve this.