Everything changes once the baby arrives. Everyday revolves around whether the baby has been fed, whose turn it is to change diapers or whose it is to get up and soothe the baby. Before you know it, all the two of you ever talk about is the newborn. Soon, the spark between the two of you dims before you drift further apart from one another.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for most couples. Well, not to worry! Motherhood.com.my is here to give you some tips and  ideas on how to rekindle that flame. After all, parents are the foundation of a happy family.

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1. Set date nights

As much as you may hate leaving your child behind for a few hours on end, having alone time is extremely important for your relationship. Get a babysitter or extra help and have date nights! Designate a day of the week or a few days in the month and treat yourselves. Rediscover why your significant other was the one you have decided to spend the rest of your life with.

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2. Go for vacations together

That means taking trips without the kids. Travel and explore without having to worry about whether the place is child-friendly. Make new memories with your significant other and take the chance to reconnect with one another. Tick off items on your bucket list. Most of all, just enjoy the quality time with one another. TV host and emcee Belinda Chee makes it a point to go on holiday with her husband at least once a year.

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3. Be creative

Sometimes, leaving the house just isn’t an option. Just be creative! Have a movie date on the couch when your little ones are fast asleep, or just have a romantic dinner at home with some wine. Dress up and make it special instead of just going through an everyday routine. Look at one another with fresh eyes instead of sleep-deprived ones. Who knows? You just might fall in love with your significant other once again.

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4. Communication is key

Communication is key in a relationship, just as it similarly is before getting married and having kids. Spend some time out of everyday to talk about your day or anything else you believe is worth sharing. Even if nothing exciting has happened, lend a listening ear and make it known that you will be there for each other. Good communication is the basis of a healthy marriage and a gratified family.

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5. Prioritise the physical aspects of the relationship

Having an emotional connection is definitely important in a relationship, but so is the physical aspects. Find ways to spice things up in the bedroom. It could be something simple as to exchange flirty messages or photos throughout the day, or a bigger investment such as getting a new lingerie set. Aside from sex, everyday interactions like holding hands, cuddling and hugging will also help rebuild the connection between the both of you.

No matter how you choose to go about rebuilding that connection, just know that it’s important to do so! After all, once your children are all grown and have left the nest, it will just be the both of you once again. Don’t wait till then to realize that the person you love has become a stranger! Relationships, no matter how long it has been, always requires work. So treasure the love that you and your significant other have now! Find out how Malaysian moms describe how their relationships have changed after having a baby by clicking here.

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