To all future brides out there who, like me, simply can’t say no to shiny rings but hate being cliché, listen up. I’ve got something better than those expensive diamond rings that you may or may not be able to afford: The unconventional wedding/engagement rings. 

These unique options will not only set you apart from your peers, but they can be pretty affordable too. Just check out these stores on Etsy or look up your local Instagram jeweller, choose the ideal ring that matches your personality, and voila. You’re good to go!

1. Raw


2. Solid Rocks

3. Unexpected Stones

4. Stacked Rings

5. Minimal

6. Open Cuff Ring

7. Royalty 

8. Art Deco Ring

9. Stamped Longitude & Latitude

10. Titanium Band

11. All Black

12. Enamel Ring

13. Ethereal Ring

14. Acrylic Ring

15. Dangling Ring