I know, the much-anticipated Good Vibes Festival isn’t happening until July, but for festival freaks like me, now is the perfect time to start planning our festival looks ’cause we all know how searching for the perfect outfit can be a real bitch, especially when every retail store sells garments that are almost similar, only with different price tags. But we’ll talk more on outfits later.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at these next-level makeup inspirations that would totally elevate your festival beauty game. Are you ready to paint the town in vibrant colours?

1. Glitter Mask

2. Bejeweled Eyeshadow

3. Glossy Eyeshadow

4.Colourful Shadow

5. Face Outline

6. Eyebrow Underline

7. Under Eye Line

8. Rainbow Eyeshadow

9. Bold Eyeshadow

10. Artistic Eye Liner

11. Cool Eye Makeup

12. Full Eye Makeup

13. Unicorn Tears

14. Neon Cyberpunk

15. Vibrant & Simple

16. Trippy Makeup

17. Thermal Highlighter

18. Pop Art

19. Holographic Highlighter

20. Cleopatra Look

21. Nose Makeup

22. Eye Mask