Whether you are looking to lose weight or gain muscles, the gym or any other forms of exercise will come first in one’s mind. Of course, cleaning up your diet is important as well, but more often than not when people say, “I am eating healthy”, it is ambiguous and hard to distinguish if they are actually committed to a diet that is up to standard.

Surely, everyone is after the body of their dreams and to see solid results. And since preparing your own meals can be tedious, here’s a #protip: Bookmark What-Food.com to simplify life and let the professional chefs prepare your nourishing meals for your pre/post workout indulgences while you focus on those crazy side-plank crunches.

1. Meal customisation

What Food’s Build-Your-Own menu is designed to meet every individual’s preferences and diet requirements, allowing them to choose from over 55 options, whereby there are ingredients listed for the base, protein, extras, condiments and toppings. The website also marks the items suitable for vegans and those on Paleo diet, which is a highly popular nutritional approach that works with your genetics to help you stay lean, strong and energetic.

2. Sous vide cooked meals

Sticking with nutrient-rich ingredients will help you reach your goals a lot faster, but how will the way your food is cooked affect your diet? At What Food, the chefs sing praises of sous vide, in which food is cooked in water at a consistent temperature to obtain prime quality doneness. This cool cooking method won’t jeopardise your health with extra oils or risk burning your meals.


3. High quality meals by professional chefs

The methods in which your food is prepared really makes a difference to how it tastes, and at What Food, the chefs are led by head cook Addin Shamsul, a France culinary-trained chef who boasts four years worth of expertise in the industry. Though it starts with the right produce and ingredients, the execution, use of premium cooking appliances and a focus on perfection makes What Food’s offerings much more refined.


4. Fresh ingredients daily

At What Food, mornings start off a little differently. The chef buys produce the night before, then comes in bright and early the next morning to prepare the meals for consumers the right way daily. So remember to place your orders before 12AM after choosing your delivery date, and wait for the delicious, healthy meals taken care of for you to be delivered to your doorsteps the very next day.

5. Vacuum sealed for freshness

Vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of food items and What Food applies a similar method by placing food in air-tight packets. The lack of oxygen delays the ability of oxygen-breathing microorganisms to grow and spoil the offerings due to oxidation – the process that causes food to turn brown and go bad. Hence, What Food meals can only be kept up to a maximum of five days in the chiller.

6. Preset meals

Can’t decide where to start and go about your meals? Don’t worry because What Food has got you covered! The preset meal packages are prepared to make the ordering process way easier, while providing you with the liberty to get creative and remove or add more items from the ingredients list to your liking. Just pick a meal package that fits your lifestyle and What Food will take care of the rest.

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