By now we have established that Japan is the world’s oyster for all things kawaii, ingenious and literally unimaginable. On top of the robot restaurants, maid cafes and other eccentricities, the latest addition is a Peanuts Hotel located in Kobe. Can anything else be cuter?!

Featuring the well-loved cartoon characters by Charles M Schulz, the three-storey Peanuts Hotel is scheduled to open its doors on August 1 and will showcase a Peanuts Cafe, offering casual cuisine such as Peanut Butter Milkshakes and Goose Egg Sliders, whereas the Peanuts Diner will extend a more refined menu with pasta, hamburg and of course, kobe beef.

Needless to say, all of the property’s 18 guest rooms will also be splashed with the Peanuts theme, and each floor will reportedly vary in design according to the words “Imagine”, “Love” and “Happy”. Each room will also be adorned with a different comic. Which one will you choose though? Snoopy? Charlie Brown? Woodstock?

The official website of the Peanuts Hotel states that reservations will be open from 10am on July 9. Whatever it is, we’re adding this to our bucket list for sure!