Ezuwan Ismail, a local designer who has self-proclaimed himself as ‘The Finest Tailor In Malaysia’, is currently on the hot seat! 🔥

During last weekend’s Anugerah Drama Festival Kuala Lumpur 2018 which had pop art as the theme, there were undoubtedly many celebrities who dressed to the nines for the event. However, veteran artist Maria Farida wore a dress so cheesy that it caught the attention of a ruthless Instagram fashion critic known as @I_knowfashion.

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I just have to post this again on my wall because I believe this doesn't belong to Insta Story only. Another plagiarized work by our local designer copying Moschino Fall Winter 2014 . I wasn't noticed the crime at first but one of my follower @shafiqazid pointed this out. Kudos to him 👍🏼 . I have nothing against Maria Farida here because I put the blame on the designer who copied but refused to apologies and give credit . Let this be a reminder once again, I'm not the only one who's watching you dear designers, but we have many fashion enthusiasts out there that have their eyes wide open. Beware 👀 . Credit Photo: @koolfmmy Instagram & Vogue.Com . . #FashionPolice #FashionCritique #FashionReview #Fashion #Glamour #Style #Vogue #DFKL #DFKL2018 #DramaFestivalKualaLumpur #Moschino #Plagiarism #FashionCrime

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If you think the name sounds familiar.. Yes, this is the same person who tried to destroy Yuna’s wedding dress. In the words of the fashion police, “what a tragic”.

Apparently, Maria Farida’s dress which was designed by Ezuwan Ismail, is actually an exact copy from Moshino’s Fall Winter 2014 collection (if you minus the front part of the skirt, that is).

Surprisingly, the fashion designer did not feel bad about the situation at all. In fact, he seems proud that he has successfully made a fake Moschino number, saying, “Yeay berjaya buat moschino pelesu (palsu/fake)…why bother why bother?”

That’s not all. The dressmaker who gained popularity when he debuted his first design back in 2009, is also under the heat for plagiarising another renowned fashion designer’s work.

At the recent Anugerah MeleTOP 2018, Maria Farida has once again donned a dress made by Ezuwan Ismail, but this time, taking close ‘inspiration’ from the Kardashian’s favourite designer, Balmain.

If you scroll to the right, you can see that singer Nabila Razali wore a pantsuit that looks remarkably identical to the one designed by the Parisian fashion house.

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The first time this happened with Nabila Razali's outfit at Anugerah MeleTOP, I chose not to bother. But when it happened again yesterday with Maria Farida's, I feel I should spill this out . It's a no brainer to notice that these 2 designs were clearly taken from Balmain. Both are from the same designer that I choose not to mention here (but I bet you know) 👀 . Seriously, why don't you ask your customer to buy the outfit directly from Balmain? Wouldn't that be easy? With these almost exact designs, I don't think it's a coincidence or a Great-Minds-Think-Alike kinda situation. This is obviously a plagiarism . Come on designers, please have some dignity to acknowledge and give credit whenever you copy or get 'inspired' . Not just me, but we have many fashion enthusiasts out there that have their eyes wide open to catch you red-handed if you ever commit plagiarism . Credit Photo: @mariafarida Instagram & Google search . . #FashionPolice #FashionCritique #FashionReview #Fashion #Glamour #Style #Vogue #Glam #Balmain #Fringe #Plagiarism #FashionCrime

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Ezuwan explained that his customers showed him photographs of models who wore the dresses they fancied, and simply wanted to entertain their requests. “As a designer, I do my best to create outfits that resemble them, but also contain my personal touch.”

He admitted that many local fashion designers received requests for outfits inspired by international fashion houses.

“However, I’ve always told my customers that I’m not a copycat, and the dresses I design have to be adapted to local circumstances.” He continued, “It happens to most of us, and we do our best to meet such requests, while also reminding customers that we must refrain from making dresses that are 100% similar.”

Sure.. and 80% – 90% similar is considered OK? Perhaps, it would be nicer if Ezuwan could show some respect as a fellow creator and give some credit to the OG designers. After all, he did call himself as the best tailor in Malaysia.. not the best fashion designer.

Note: Today, on 16 May 2018, the garment maker posted an image on Insta Story of himself at the airport, which he claims he is leaving the country to meet Moschino. Whether the claim is true or not.. we’ll soon find out.

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