Your body is probably already accustomed to waking up extra early for school or work thanks to the countless alarms you have snoozed to throughout the years, and sleeping for over five hours during the weekdays seems kind of impossible when you just have so much to juggle, be it family responsibilities, your social life, house chores and more.

Evidently, not having enough sleep yields many unfavourable aftereffects – Fatigue, hallucination, depression and in worst case scenarios, even premature death. There is some good news though. A recent study has shown that sleeping in on the weekends may help prevent an early death that could have been the impact of getting way too little sleep on weekdays.

Photo: Freepik

The study, which involved over 40,000 people over a 13-year period, found that the death rate of those who slept five hours or less during the week but sleep in longer during the weekends was just the same as those who consistently slept 7 hours every night. Those who slept lesser than five hours every night were most likely to die before 65.

Yes, everyone may need various amounts of sleep, but the study also showed that people who got over 8 hours of sleep every night of the week were more likely to die early, so too much sleep really is a thing. Go ahead – Put your body on overdrive during the week, but on weekends, shut your alarms off and get extra shuteye.

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