“What is that thing?” you may be wondering. fanny pack

So we’ll fill you in. This is Nike’s latest it item — the Benassi Fanny Pack slides. Yes, you read that correctly. The footwear giant has apparently put two of the ultimate summer staples together, creating the most functional — or questionable — item of the season.

At first glance, these sandals might seem somewhat ridiculous. But if you let the concept sink in, the whole design starts to make a lot of sense. The fact is, the occasions for which you wear sandals tend to overlap with the occasions for which you have a troublesome lack of pockets.

The beach. The pool. In all of these situations, you probably want to bring a little cash, a credit card, a phone and some keys. But you also may not want to wear shorts with pockets. Or an actual fanny pack. Hence, these sandals. It’s a weirdly perfect marriage of style and utility, on-trend vibes and casual sportswear.

According to the brand, the slides are indeed launching (though Nike has yet to set a release date for these bad boys), you can expect them to come on sale soon.