We may not be exceedingly adventurous when it comes to food and drinks, but we reckon trying anything once isn’t going to do any harm.. although we doubt we’d get this new fad anywhere near our lips.

Nothing is stranger than this unusual drink – Cockroach milk. Yeap, it means exactly that. And it all began when a 2016 study attested that a liquid produced by a species of cockroach has a vast amount of essential nutrients for the human body.

Photo: Natural Society

This precious liquid from dead female cockroaches carry an embryo inside, and contains non-lactose sugars, proteins and lipids that are all vital for general health.

Granted, it won’t be hitting stores soon as it is still being studied for actual human consumption, but scientists say that it will most likely be sold in pill form should the cockroach milk be edible for humans.

There are an endless plethora of supplements around! Will cockroach milk pills be necessary?! We think NOT.

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