Instagram Stories may have started out as a snippet-sharing feature in the most basic form, but as the social media platform began adding other cool accents like GIFs and polls, users, too, have gone out of their way to beautify their Instagram Stories on third party apps, producing killer content that is engaging as much as it is aesthetically pleasing.

On top of elaborate texts in various fonts, there are pretty backgrounds, mix medium photo collages, film filters and more. If you have ever wondered what apps the influencers are using to elevate the quality of their Instagram Stories, read on to find out!

Creatively Squared

1) Adobe Spark Post

When it’s by Adobe, you know it’s going to be the real deal. This graphic design software comes with an array of features like photo layouts, animated texts, filters and effects. If you’d like to play around with more technical edits, it also has a suggested colour palette feature and resizing tools to churn out the ultimate Insta-worthy content.

Download Adobe Spark Post on the App Store and Google Play.


2) Ripl

Everyone adores alluring edits but not many have the creative juice or patience for it. This is where Ripl comes in. With over 200 templates specially designed for small businesses on social media, you can create video slideshows and photo collages, then customise those to your liking by playing with the fonts, colours and animation. You can even add music if you’re all about the feels.

Download Ripl on the App Store and Google Play.

Paul Ramondo

3) Hype Type

Should you prefer simpler Instagram Stories focused on creative typography, look no further than Hype Type. This user-friendly app can be used to place animated text on your posts and though you aren’t allowed to change the fonts or colours very much, you can add music over videos which makes the app ultra fun.

Download Hype Type on the App Store.

Social Growr

4) InShot

Even if you lack the video-editing skills, you’ll love InShot as this on-the-go video editing software for mobile is literally foolproof and super convenient for short videos on Instagram Stories. It lets you merge clips, adjust the speed, add text, filters, music and even voice-overs.

Download InShot on the App Store and Google Play.


5) Unfold

This app has recently been growing in prominence on Instagram Stories, and though there is not much editing you can do on it, there are many minimalist-style photo templates and fonts for you to play with. Many of the templates are free, and you can also pay RM7.99 to unlock a whole other plethora of templates. Think an Instagram Stories version of Kinfolk! 😉

Download Unfold on the App Store and Google Play.

Tech In Asia

6) Canva

Canva needs no introduction with its unbelievable amount of gorgeous designs and templates you can use. Bring the magic to your Instagram Stories with features that allow you to enhance the images with design elements like borders, frames, stickers and more. You can also reuse your designs for future Stories by saving the templates you’ve worked on.

Download Canva on the App Store and Google Play.


7) Over

The Over app allows users to create Tumblr-worthy pictures with a collection of pre-designed quotes available. There are also thousands of graphics to include like borders, backgrounds, badges, shapes and illustrations. If you’re feeling poetic, you can make up your own quotes and customise them to your liking with hundreds of fonts that are regularly updated.

Download Over on the App Store.

8) Just A Line

If you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t heard of Just A Line – an augmented reality app that lets you doodle in the air. Say whaaat? Yes, you read that right, you can now draw in the air with your smartphone and do it together with a friend! Create a 3D-like video, get creative and observe as those views amplify. 😉

Download Just A Line on the App Store and Google Play.