“Have you ever had a really close friend who you thought you knew for years, [but] turned out to be a sexual predator all along?” Shazwan, a Malaysian online magazine editor, wrote on his Twitter account.

Umm.. what? Do we have a Terry Richardson-like persona living among us? 😱

Last Sunday, a thread posted by Shazwan (@zespoooky) has rocked the Twitter nation as he revealed that his former best friend Megat Salleh, a guitarist from local band Night Skies & Visionhas been caught stealing undergarments from one of their female friend.

What’s more, we later found out that Megat also has a knack of hiding cameras in toilets to record girls urinate. #Gross. Here, you can read the screenshots below to further understand this whole ordeal:

Megat Salleh, who’s an avid Twitter user, is a known creep.

Who steals undergarments from his own friends. 

Caught red-handed. They finally have receipts!

Apparently, Megat did it because his friends left him alone with his thoughts wandering around sometimes. And get this: he even managed to steal 15 pieces of undergarments in total, on top of RM2,000 worth of physical damage.

This is how he looks like btw.

Celyn, a band member who is also one of the victims, came forward to share her story:

They’ve known each other for 9 years. And after Megat recruited Celyn to be the vocalist for the band Night Skies & Visions, they’ve been as close as a family can ever be.

Things started to get weird when he races to the toilet every time she’s about to enter. This happens A LOT.

Clever clever squirrel jump, one day fall to the ground also.

This guy is bad at covering his tracks, seriously.

He said it was just a joke, guys..

Megat was calm when Celyn confronted him. It’s like he rehearsed the whole thing.

In light of this news, Night Skies & Visions has decided to disassociate him from the band, while urging others who have experienced sexual harassment to be brave to SPEAK UP.


Even singer Luna Dira chimed in. They appear to be in the same circle of friends. Or at least, used to be. 

Damn. It’s amazing how you think you know someone but then they turn out to be a total creep who’s probably making money off of you by selling lewd videos online that you happen to be a star in, without even seeking for your consent. Either that, or he just loooves fapping to your used undies.

While he didn’t actually do the things that Terry Richardson does such as forcing people to go down on him in exchange for popularity, one can argue that Megat’s action is equally bad, since he did it to his own friends.

So there you have it. Malaysia’s very own publicised #MeToo story.

Please be careful girls, and do not let anyone take advantage of you. Even if he’s a trusted friend whom you’ve known since you were born, so much so that you can practically call him brother — well, even more so if he’s your actual brother. Take control of the situation, gather some evidence and get him served!