Recently, we see more and more people hopping on the anti-vaccination trend, including big celebrity names such as Kat Von D. It has become trendy to keep children “pure” by not injecting them with chemicals, as people are convinced that vaccination is the cause of autism.

Well, they could be wrong because 1) there’s no scientific fact to back their conspiracy theories 2) people die from Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Small Pox and Polio without vaccination. In fact, on 25th June 2018, NST has reported that there are 724 cases of measles nationwide, a 22.3% increase compared to May last year.

Measles isn’t just a little rash

This is no joke, guys. It’s so serious that the Singaporean Ministry of Health (MOH) is proposing a multi-purpose amendment to the Infectious Diseases Act —which bans unvaccinated travellers from visiting Singapore — to protect its citizens from infectious diseases.

Under the current law, unvaccinated arrivals can be quarantined and offered a vaccine, but cannot be deported unless they refuse to comply. Though, we wonder how will the authorities know if a person is not vaccinated? Is it going to be stamped on everyone’s passport?

With that said, intentionally skipping out on vaccinations is downright irresponsible, dangerous and will not only expose oneself to potentially life-threatening infections, but to others as well.

Don’t be that person.