The supermodels and influencers really do know a thing or two when it comes to posing for Instagram and racking up the likes, but when you scrutinise closely, you’ll start to see a pattern – there are only a bunch of poses they shuffle back and forth with various outfits. The point is, you too can master these flattering positions and become Insta-famous yourself! Here are 10 go-to poses we notice so very often. Remember – practice makes perfect.

PS: We’ve also got a full guide as to what you can do with your awkward hands when you pose!

Photo: Instagram via @shaymitchell, @rocky_barnes and @yoventura

1. Barbie feet – Stand on your toes (or point them) to elongate your legs in photos. This also automatically fixes the posture as you struggle to find balance. Just pretend you’re wearing an invisible pair of high heels!

Photo: Instagram via @heyitsnun, @kickiyangz and @juliaadang

2. 45° butt pop – Stand at a 45° and rest your weight on the right leg. Then, pop your hip to the left to give the illusion of a fuller butt while extending the left leg slightly and pointing the toes toward the ground to elongate the body.

Photo: Instagram via @valerialipovetsky, @marioncaunter, and @heyclaire

3. In motion – The goal here is to make it seem like you’re casually taking a stroll.. except you’re really not. Put one foot forward as if you’re taking a step, and then pause while your photo is taken. It looks effortless.

Photo: Instagram via @cassiemasangkay, @camilacoelho, and @imjennim

4. Armpit air-out – You know the struggle – what do you even do with your awkward arms?! Well, the model-approved solution for instant chicness is to either stick one (or both) arms up behind or above the head.

Photo: @juliaadang, @iamkareno, and @hypebae

5. Manspread – The act of manspreading involves sitting with both legs wide apart and it is anything but ladylike. However this stance isn’t just fashionably nonchalant – it also exerts power and shows people who’s boss.

Photo: Instagram via @maya_nilsen, @songofstyle, and @songdani

6. One foot forward – Rest your weight on one leg while leaning back slightly and put the other foot forward. It adds dimension to your #OOTDs and also elongates the body.

Photo: Instagram via @soothingsista, @lissyroddyy, and @ahnahr

7. Artful squat – There are many variations of this ingenious elevated version of the Asian squat and besides spotlighting the shoes, this bad gal pose surely does make a statement.

Photo: Instagram via @prettysickly, @prettyfrowns, and @emryu

8. Over-the-shoulder peek – This stance is all about seeming like you were minding your own damn business before someone unexpectedly calls out your name and takes a photo of you.

Photo: Instagram via @lilymaymac, @kyliejenner and @thatschic

9. Side stretch – Instead of sitting hunched, this side stretch involves elongating the body by lifting the chest and leaning to one side to smooth out the belly rolls while accentuating the hips.

Photo: Instagram via @amyvagabondd, @chrisellelim and @songofstyle

10. Leg prop – To avoid looking like you dressed up for picture day at school and standing straight with your legs together, prop one up to instantly give off model-off-duty coolness.