It is highly recommended for people to properly apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. However, in cases where sunburn happens, a mother from Texas swears by the effectiveness of shaving foam as a cure for sunburn.

According to Cindie Allen-Stewart, this method was suggested by her mother-in-law, who has been employing it for a decade.

Apparently, shaving cream works wonders as sunburn treatment, though it has to be of the menthol foam variant. The menthol foam shaving cream will have to be applied to the entire area of the sunburn but not rubbed in.

Cindie said that by letting the shaving cream sit on the skin, it will draw out all the heat. It may also lead to some itching, but she said that “itching means healing.” After 30 minutes, the mother from Texas said that the shaving cream should have dissolved and feel dried out in some spots, with the sunburned areas becoming cold.

The shaving cream should then be rinsed off with either cold or lukewarm water. The process should be repeated daily as necessary until the sunburn is completely gone.

Dermatologist Dr. Ross Radusky of SoHo Skin and Laser Dermatology in New York City explained why the simple trick works. “If you look at the ingredients of shaving cream, it’s really a great moisturiser. It has a lot of coconut oil, coconut butter or derivatives of it. That’s actually what gives it some of its thickness and why you sort of lather it on.”