The inability to get restful sleep can be as debilitating as it is frustrating. While there may be an endless list of causes that result in disturbed sleep such as overthinking, heartburn and caffeine amongst others, your sleeping position, too, affects the quality of sleep and how easy it is for you to drift off.

That said, here are the four most common sleeping postures, ranked from the worst to the best for amazing sleep. Just like any other habit, the position in which you are used to sleeping took time for your body to get used to, and unfortunately will also take the same amount of time, if not more, to break out of.


4. Foetal position

This curled-up body posture is, surprisingly, ranked the worst of all for sleep. When the limbs are drawn in toward the torso, the body may signal the nervous system indicating that it is in a fight or flight position, hence telling the body that it is not safe to shut down for sleep. This sleeping position does relieve period cramps though.

Photo: Manifattura Falomo

3. On the side

Sleeping on the side is way better than being curled-up, and it also extends an added bonus should you be lying down on the left in particular – it aids digestion thanks to the position in which the oesophagus passes into the stomach. Placing a pillow in between the legs can help the spine stay properly aligned.

Photo: Spine Universe

2. On the stomach

Although this may be the only sleeping position some people are accustomed to, it is actually detrimental for sleep and health. It puts pressure on the whole body while straining the muscles, neck and jaw, aside from twisting the pelvis and lower back. It also restricts proper breathing and leaves you with numbness or tingling in the morning.

Photo: Bulletproof

1. On the back

As you may or may not have expected, falling asleep on the back is the best position. Not only does it relieve tension in the shoulders and back, it also aids acid reflux and open up the lungs for longer, more significant breathes that can transform the way you wake up everyday and also the energy you have throughout the day.