It’s easy to accumulate things at home and before you know it, your space is one giant, cluttered mess. Not only is it overwhelming, it also affects your mood, creativity and overall productivity. As daunting as it may see, decluttering isn’t difficult and can be manageable. Just start with a handful of these 25 things we’ve listed and it should take no time at all!

1. Single socks – You may have kept the unmatched socks thinking, “They might be somewhere in the house.” However the real reality is that it’s been months down the road and you’ve long forgotten about actually looking for them.

2. Costume jewellery – Those cheap rings that turn your fingers blue and the charm bracelets you and your BFFs used to wear do not deserve space in your grown-up jewellery collection.

3. Clothes looking worse for wear – Should the clothes have unremovable stains or holes and have even started pilling, don’t waste space by keeping them in your drawers.

4. Old bed sheets – Come on now, are you really going to use those floral sheets you used to love 5 years ago? Wait a minute – would it even fit your current mattress? Donate them, or cut them up to be used as rags.

5. Manuals for devices – Those thick manuals that are offered in 100 various languages do not serve much purpose. After all, you can always look up a digital version of the manual online or Google your issues.

Photo: Oprah

6. Promotional T-shirts – Unless you are sleeping in them because they are ultra comfy, get rid of those T-shirts you receive for free as gifts or from random events. Even then, you only need three at most on rotation!

7. Paper – This could be old birthday and greeting cards, bills, envelopes, brochures, flyers, catalogues, leaflets and more you have laying around in piles. Admit it – we know they exist.

8. Kitchen appliances – That popcorn machine seemed like a fun thing to have for movie nights, but when you have only used it once and once alone in the past year, it becomes redundant. You clearly don’t need it.

9. Wires and cables you never use – Chances are, you don’t remember what they are meant for and there is a high chance you no longer own that device. Instead of sitting in the drawer mangled, throw them out.

10. Anything broken – Yeah, you were meant to fix that bracelet and your favourite mug you dropped by accident, but will you ever get around to doing so? If the answer is no, well, you know what the next steps are.

Photo: Clean my Space

11. Undergarments – It may have been your go-to bra at one point, but it is now way too loose and the wires are poking out. Not only will it be uncomfortable and even painful, it also wouldn’t give you the support you need.

12. Obsolete technology – We’re talking old and clunky digital cameras, MP3 players, portable CD players and computers. Yes, you may have spent a good amount of money on those devices, but it’s time to let go.

13. Hair accessories – We’re talking hair ties, claw clips, elastics and bobby pins that are either outdated, stretched out, wonky and more importantly, untouched for the past few years.

14. Toiletries – You used that shampoo once and it unfortunately gave you crazy frizz. Thereafter, it was left beneath the sink alongside the other 1,837 bottles you have amassed over time. Yikes.

15. Towels – Whether stained, ratty or nearly translucent because it has been in the wash one too many times, old towels can be replaced with clean, fluffy ones that are decent enough to offer to guests should they come over.

Photo: The Spruce

16. Memorabilia – This could be your old teddy bear you’ve had since you were 5, concert passes, movie tickets, photos and other items of sentimental value to you. Digitise those memories if you can, then toss the rest.

17. Expired makeup – We get it – makeup can add up very quickly and ideally, you’d want to use something up completely, no matter how long it’ll take you. Be kinder to your skin and eyes. You don’t want to regret later.

18. Boxes – This could be pretty packaging from makeup you decided to keep or the giant ones that come when you buy large electronics such as a television or computer. They aren’t worth the space.

19. Duplicates – Yeah, having five striped T-shirts is nice, but do you even wear all of them enough? The same applies for other things like makeup and kitchen utensils such as wine openers.

20. Shopping bags – Some of your paper bags may be left behind to hold gifts in the future, and well, reusable tote bags are always necessary, but do you need 30? Give some away to friends and family who may be in need of a few.

Photo: Home Design Lover

21. Anything chipped – Do yourself a favour and throw out those bowls and cups with little chips at the rim before you cut your lip one day and wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

22. Wrapping paper – Gifts come in odd shapes and sizes. Hence, the average human gets left with small scraps of wrapping paper that never ends up getting used up completely.

23. Old knick knacks – Clear out your bookcases and before putting anything back, ask yourself if the item still suits your personality and aesthetics. Remember, they also notorious dust traps!

24. Seasonal gear – While it’s nice to have plenty of winter coats and ski boards stored away “just in case”, how often do you go on holiday and actually use them? Review what you should keep and be realistic about it.

25. Gifts you never liked – We may be hit with guilt for not appreciating gifts given to use by our loved ones and it gets even worse when or if we do decide to give them away, but other people may put them to better use and that’s a fact.