Considered the holy grail of Korean skincare, sheet masks have become hugely popular for the various benefits they purportedly offer. Belly Mask 

Why wouldn’t it be, right? They are capable of hydrating, anti-ageing, removing wrinkles, and clearing skin, so it is no wonder they are now created for other body parts — including pregnant bellies.

According to the creator, the Hatch Mama Belly Mask minimises those mean old stretch marks and even allegedly softens taut, inflamed scar tissue after delivery. We’re not sure if they mean C-section scar tissue or what, but we’re intrigued!

The belly mask material is the same hydrating, soothing stuff used in so many of those popular K-beauty face masks, which include aloe vera to reduce inflammation as well as propolis to rebuild damaged skin cells. Supposedly, the belly masks will help your skin stay soft and supple during pregnancy — and help return your belly to fighting shape after delivery as it’s shrinking/healing.

Does it work? We have yet to find out, but we’re not going to argue with pregnant or postpartum women in need of some extra TLC, so hey, belly mask it up, gals!

You can scoop up a few masks on the Hatch Mama website, for RM48 each.