For many of us, the first step to adulting entails getting a full-time job, and regardless of the nature of the job, most application processes begin with a face-to-face interview. It can be a daunting process for hopefuls and rightfully so as there are only two outcomes – you either get the job or you don’t.

While dressing appropriately, speaking confidently and being punctual is practically common sense, most candidates are unaware of their body language, which can play a huge role in determining the overall performance of the interview. Body language expert Tonya Reiman told INSIDER that it’s best to put out your best front the moment you exit the car to the point when you actually leave the location as you may have no idea who may be watching.

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If you’re currently looking for a job or awaiting an interview, here are some body language tricks to take note of should you want that first impression of you to be a highly positive one. Good luck!

1) Werk that walk

The moment you enter the room, your interviewers will be evaluating you from head to toe. To ensure that you emit a good vibe, reach out to them, smile and walk straight with your head held high. Looking downwards or slouching indicates lack of confidence and you definitely want to avoid that before the actual conversation takes place.

2) No one likes to move it, move it

Everyone’s guilty of unintentionally fidgeting when sitting still for a period of time, but try to avoid adjusting your clothes, twirling your hair or cracking your knuckles. This may come off as you being uninterested. Instead, sit still and lean forward to display keenness.

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3) It’s all about the handshake

You’ve heard this one too many times – have a firm grip. Don’t just touch your interviewer’s hands limply but try not to crush their bones either. A study published on ABC News revealed that individuals who extend a firm handshake send off the idea that they are more confident, driven, warm and reliable. This means your future career is in your hands, literally.

4) Here’s to looking at you, kid

It is perceived as rude not to look someone in the eyes when they’re talking you and this is even more crucial during an interview. Not making eye contact could signify that you are arrogant, socially anxious or unprepared. Maintain your gaze and genuinely listen to your interviewer, but don’t stare creepily as it can be a form of aggressive communication.

5) Talk like you mean it

Other than your qualifications and skill set, the main thing employers look for when hiring is a great attitude. Try not to speak in a monotonous tone as this will flag you as a boring person and will cause your interviewers to tune out. Feel free to vary your tones when you speak and use hand gestures whenever appropriate to get your points across stronger.