Good morning, fam – we have amazing news!

Word got out that popular cosmetics retailer LUSH UK, a beauty brand famously known for its vegetarian and cruelty-free skincare and body care products that aren’t just unique and aesthetically pleasing, but also work wonders on the hair and skin, is finally making its way to Malaysia.

This information first came to our attention when someone pointed out a Twitter post that has since been going viral about recruitment at the supposedly first ever Lush retail store in Kuala Lumpur.

Avid Twitter user, Azila Nazri, was the first to reveal the news on her account, urging followers who are interested to be a part of the Lush Kuala Lumpur team to submit their applications to [email protected].

Of course, her announcement sent the whole nation into a frenzy as many of us have been awaiting this moment for the longest time — to be able to walk into a Lush store and feast on the products there and then, instead of ogling over photos on the internet, having the products shipped over or wait for someone to bring them home.

With bath bombs in every colour and a whole plethora of face masks and body lotions in the dreamiest scents, it can all be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for — which could be a lil’ dangerous for your bank accounts.

We took matters into our own hands to clarify the news and got in touch with the team from Lush UK to get to the bottom of things. To our surprise, the representative CONFIRMED it!

With that said, that’s the only thing she was able to share with us at the moment. As for now, yes, you may fulfil your dreams of working with Lush by sending in your applications to the email address aforementioned. (Don’t say we didn’t jio!)

Ahh, isn’t this so exciting?! Let us know what’s your favourite Lush products in the comments section below! Watch out this space for more updates.