Social media can be an unhealthy place, there’s no argument there. It constantly feeds you with updates of unrealistic, glamourised lives of influencers and friends, which can take a toll on your mental health and make you feel like you’re in a never-ending state of FOMO.

But social media isn’t always bad. It can be a way to find real-life friends, express yourself, and find a source of infinite inspiration. The key is applying a different kind of filter—one that enables you to sort through the stuff that makes you feel good and the stuff that simply doesn’t.

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Nearly every time I “dare” to exercise in a sports bra in public I get disapproving looks from passers by. So many people believe smaller bodies are the only ones allowed to dress comfortably or be proudly displayed. It’s a belief that’s dripping in misogyny and fat phobia, and quite frankly one I’m very very tired of. Decided to give them a reason to look harder this time. 😉 No matter your size you deserve to be happy in and about your body. You aren’t beholden to any societally restrictive dress-codes, especially those based in shame, and anyone who feels entitled to oppress you is dead wrong. Tell them girl bye and keep it moving 💁🏾‍♀️ Oh, and in case anyone hasn’t said so yet, you look cute af today. #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #bodypositivefitness #bodypositivity #plussizefitness #fatgirlshiking #fatandfabulous

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1. Reneice

Preach, girl!

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Walking into the weekend like 🐦 #hijabae

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2. Meryem

This mother and daughter duo are showing us that YES, you can still be #hypebae even when you’ve turned 65.

3. Runa

Her beauty and fashion game is totally on point!

4. Duchelle

Sassy, witty and fashionable as hell!

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Wild, wild country 🌵

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5. Ranya Sakatan

6. Enam Asiama

She’s a plus size advocate and influencer, who also models for retail brand Missguided.

7. Erica Hart

A breast cancer survivor who is now gracing the covers of various fashion magazines to share her story. She was also invited to walk for New York Fashion Week last February (2018).

8. Tevin “Milo” Evans

The only male influencer you need on your timeline.

9. Lucy Rogers

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I fell in love with the high quality + stylish @JCPenney athletic wear that I wore during the #HereIAm shoot- the shorts, leggings, and tops made me feel very strong, sexy, and confident. However, we rarely see fat bodied athletes wearing revealing clothing. I think it’s because we’re expected to hide our bodies beneath layers of fabric. However, feeling good about ourselves should be a universal value- and what better way to manifest self-love than by wearing the clothes we actually WANT to wear, instead of the clothes we’re expected to wear? Regardless of body shape or size, we’re all meant to live our best lives right now, at this exact moment. But let’s face it- confidence can be hard to maintain in the face of opposition. It may not come easy, but confidence is more worthwhile than almost anything else in this world. I maintain confidence by reminding myself that I am meant to be unique- and the unexpected bits of my body and personality are the best parts. How do you maintain confidence? #sponsored

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10. Jessamyn 

Wow. Even I can’t do this pose yet. #AllHailJessamyn !