Unless you are a novice to facial treatments, you know what to expect every time you step in for an appointment. For instance, a conventional 60-minute session normally entails cleansing, steaming, extractions, exfoliation and masking, followed an application of serum, moisturiser and sunscreen.

That’s pretty standard and exactly what I had in mind when Ceramiracle approached me to try out its Beverly Hills-approved Celebrity Medifacial. All I was briefed was that the signature Californian treatment combines light, deep RF (radio frequency) and ice therapies with Ceramiracle’s proprietary glycoprotein and vernix actives for ageing prevention.

Promising to hydrate, firm, remodel, smooth and brighten the skin while lightening dark spots, this treatment is only one of the award-winning nutri-cosmetics brand’s innovative and breakthrough anti-aging skincare solutions and it’s safe to say that I was not at all prepared for what was about to come.

The Celebrity Medifacial

The 85-minute session began with my therapist removing my makeup and other traces of dirt or grime before cleansing it thoroughly, prepping the skin so the following steps and products are able to penetrate into the deepest layers for maximum efficacy, healing and rejuvenation.

She proceeded with the patented 3D Ultrasonic Deep Cleanse whereby a device is used to slough off any dead skin or stubborn bacteria lodged within the pores before a multi-enzyme peel was massaged onto the skin to gently exfoliate it for improved texture and tone.

Next, a cooling gel was slathered on before she used the Arctic Light IPL device to shoot pulses of light onto the skin. What happens is that the IPL shots penetrate the skin in order to boost the development of collagen and constrict blood vessels, thus reducing redness, signs of ageing and treat sun damage, hyperpigmentation and more.

With the cooling gel still in tact, she went on with the Deep RF (radio frequency) therapy that lightly tugged on the skin to further boost collagen. Anyone who suffers from loss of elasticity and dullness would really appreciate this as it instantly lifted the contours of my face and diminished the smile lines. I saw it first-hand in the mirror!

As the session came to an end, a snow remodelling mask was applied onto my skin and left on for 10 minutes to close up the pores and further hydrate the skin. Finally, all of the effects were sealed in with a cryo-toning device and Ceramiracle’s famed First Light The Serum fortified with phytosqualene before I was sent out the door with sunscreen on.

Every Celebrity Medifacial wouldn’t be complete without a pot of beau-tea from Ceramiracle’s Ageless Cafe and there, you’ll find beauty-enhancing beverages such as organic caffeine-free and fruit herbal tea blends as well as a handful of desserts like guilt-free cakes and other delectable yet healthy treats.

My experience

If I could sum up the Celebrity Medifacial in one word, it would be: absolutely cold. While it was as relaxing as it is soothing, about 75% of the entire session left my skin feeling as though at sub-zero temperatures and this lasted for about 15 minutes after the whole treatment ended.

Some clients apparently snooze through the entire session, but I found it rather difficult to ease up completely as it was my first time after all, and there were many, many peculiar sensations involved. Don’t get me wrong – it never was painful, though it may feel tingly and odd, especially when you have extra sensitive skin.

The results were evidently instant. My face felt plump, smooth and glowy right after. More importantly, my enlarged pores were visibly minimised and my prominent smile lines were undetectable. It almost looked poreless close up and my skin was significantly brightened. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend it to anyone, primarily due to the experience.

The Celebrity Medifacial at Ceramiracle is priced at RM699 per 85-minute session, while a first trial is RM299 (for a limited time only). Alternatively, you may look into the various packages offered. Aside from the Celebrity Medifacial, Ceramiracle offers topical and ingestible formulations including supplements to help delay signs of ageing and maintain youthfulness.


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