There always is that grey area of infidelity. What constitutes as cheating in a relationship may differ from one couple to another, and the reasons why men and women cheat often varies. Whatever that reason may be, trust between two people becomes irreparably broken when one partner seeks a connection, either emotional or physical, with someone else.

And as it turns out, there is a prominent personality trait in the psychological profiles of serial cheaters – experts found that cheating and narcissism go hand in hand. This entails someone who is convinced they deserve special treatment, feel like rules don’t apply to them and assume that their looks, intelligence and sexual prowess supersedes everyone else’s.

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When one partner operates in such an entitled manner, infidelity is more likely to occur. The problem is that those who are narcissistic don’t see why they should be sacrificing their own happiness and contentment for someone else’s, including their partner. They also have a bigger desire for casual sex without the emotional attachment.

What follows this problematic behaviour is that they probably have poorer communication skills than the average and have a harder time dealing with problems head on in their lives. This, in turn, also puts pressure on the relationship and exacerbates his or her likelihood to cheat and rationalise connections outside the relationship.

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Granted, not all narcissistic people cheat, however they are more at risk of straying. Whatever it is, you should strive to communicate openly with your partner and discuss each other’s needs honestly while staying on alert about situations that may tempt one another to cheat. Do it before it’s too late.