Just as Instagram constantly evolves, photo and filter trends, too, are changing with the times. The photo-sharing social media platform launched in 2010 and we have gone from using the built-in filters like Hudson and Sierra, to apps that exploded in popularity such as VSCO Cam and Facetune. Now, old school 35mm-style photos are making a comeback and it’s easy to see why they are so appealing – they feel perfectly imperfect, nostalgic and reminiscent of the olden days.

With all that said, here are three Fujifilm-like camera apps you can download on both your iOS and Android devices to get on that bandwagon before the hype dies down:

1. Huji Cam – This app is literally foolproof and has the simplest yet effective functions. Choose from a point-and-click style interface or one with a larger viewfinder, then adjust your settings before snapping a photo, which may include turning the timer on, inserting random light leaks or inserting a date stamp a la the ’90s.

Available on Android (free) and iOS (free).

2. Gudak Cam – Gudak takes things up a notch by giving you ‘film rolls’ of 24 shots each time so you become more selective of what you shoot. Once you’re done, you’ll need to wait an hour for a new roll. Meanwhile, the completed rolls will be ‘processed’ for three days before being released to you. The results are worth the wait though!

Available on Android (RM3.99) and iOS (RM3.90).

3. KD Pro Disposable – Similar to Gudak Cam, this app extends rolls of film with 24 frames and to advance to the next, you’d have to manually operate a thumbwheel. You also have to wait for the pictures to be ‘developed’ and there are extra settings to adjust the light leaks, lens distortion, and time and date stamp.

Available on Android (free) and iOS (free).

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