Off the coast of Finland, hidden amidst the Baltic Sea, there is a private island where men are banned and only a select few women, with suitably large bank accounts, are allowed to set foot. supershe

It is known as the SuperShe Island, and the cost for a week will run you anywhere from $4300-$7,500.

This heaven on earth vacation is actually the international headquarters of the SuperShe society, which is a public organisation that works to connect well-off women from across the world.

According to the website, the 10-person island is equipped with four cabins and has all the amenities of a luxury resort. From kayaking to yoga to meditation to cooking classes, there are a number of activities available to strengthen your mind, body, soul — and most importantly, a whole bunch of connecting with other women.

Roughly 7,000 women applied after the island project opened this year, and only about 140 were selected through video interviews with the project’s founder, Kristina Roth.

Cabins are state-of-the art, with fireplaces, reindeer throws, and pine wood balconies with oversized couches looking out over the water. Daily seminars and workshops are headlined by thought leaders in female well-being.

For certain meals, Kristina Roth arranged Michelin-starred chefs to come over from Sweden and cook for the guests; an on-island chef took care of the rest, with dishes including grilled lamb, cauliflower soups, and salmon.

Doesn’t hurt that Finnish beauticians were boated in for facials and massages, too.

All in all, you won’t exactly rough it on the retreat. Well, maybe a little bit. In an effort to achieve 100% wellness, caffeine and alcohol has been banned from the island, so there’s no room for you to sleep all day!

To know more, visit SuperShe Island or connect with them via Facebook