Double Chin No More! Use This Hack For An Instant Neck Lift

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If you have low self-esteem, having a double chin can be very unpleasant and frustrating to deal with. Even though there are a variety of exercises to get rid of double chins, however, that requires time and patience (which most of us don’t have the willpower to do so).

Fret no more. Apparently, there’s a simple hack that could reduce your annoying double chin and create a chiseled appearance to your jawline instantly — by hiding the fat around your neck with a roll of sticky tape!

Surprised? In an age of scientific cosmetic advances (where botox, lasers, fillers, retin-A, and stem cell creams rule the world), doing something like this might sound like a whole new level of crazy. But once you see it’s instant hack effect, you will be more than happy to use it.

Although a lot of beauty gurus are using scotch tape to do this trick, you should try using medical tape instead, as the glue is much more skin-friendly, as well as kinesiology tape (popular among athletes). Here in this video, the girl is using Nexsey, a medical grade tape, made in the USA. Avoid any old household tape for this purpose.

Note: If you have known allergies to tape or bandages of any kind, please do not try this at all.