We were all obsessed with Neopets back in the ’00s and needless to say, spent way too many hours on the website acquiring paint brushes, redeeming free omelettes and well, forgetting to feed our Neopets on time. The website is still operating until this day, but unfortunately doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did to us years back then.

With that said, you can now relive your childhood via Neopets Legends and Letters – a new Neopets mobile game announced at San Diego Comic Con over the past weekend. It is supposedly a cross between Neopets and Scrabble, though that isn’t all. A site will also be launched alongside the app featuring dozens of mini games.

Photo: Gamebyte

Yes, it may not be the same as the old Neopets, but you will still be able to customise your pets’ accessories and dress them up. According to Neopets CEO, David Lord, the game will combine “Neopets lore, a puzzle game mechanic and battles” as well as word games.

Neopets Legends and Letters is slated for release on both iOS and Android devices by October this year, and hey, it may just be better than the original game!

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