If you are a fan of Chinese television drama series, you would have noticed over the past couple of months that this one actress seems to have dominated the majority of all the lead female roles. Her immense talent, piercing eyes and pretty face are making headlines and fronting the papers everywhere, and that woman is Dilraba Dilmurat.

The first question that might have popped up in your head may be, “Her name doesn’t sound Chinese. So, is she actually Chinese?” Born and raised in Urumchi in Xinjiang, China, Dilraba is of Uyghur decent, which explains her exotic and unconventional looks. With over 31 million followers, she is now China’s most popular minority star.

As if her captivating looks aren’t mesmerising enough, the star has also garnered the attention of Brazilian football star Alexandre Pato, who attempted to woo her very publicly by holding up a poster bearing two photos – one of Dilraba and another of himself – during Tianjin Quanjian’s victory in the AFC Champions League recently.

The 26-year-old star made her acting debut in 2013 in the television show Anarhan and after bagging multiple awards for her performance, more and more opportunities came flooding in. By far the most celebrated of her work includes her lead role in the 2017 The King’s Woman, so if you have yet to watch it, we highly recommend that you do.

We just cannot get enough of her! Check her out on Instagram here.

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