OK while we love our summer days (because only God knows how draining it could be to face the traffic when it has rained earlier), the blotchiness and dryness we’ve picked up from the sun along the way may be quite annoying.

Although treating ourselves to a fancy salon facial would be ~ideal~, there are plenty of quick DIY versions that are much easier for our busy schedules—and wallets! So, we scoured Pinterest for the best face mask recipes and found out that you only need TWO ingredients to restore your skin’s pH level.

1. Honey

It has antibacterial properties that open up your pores, which helps clean them out. Plus, if you’re worried about breakouts, this powerhouse ingredient may be able to help as it is an antibacterial which can decrease acne inflammation.

Note: Honey is also good for sore throat, so it’s always good to keep a bottle of honey at home!

2. Coconut Oil

However, if your skin is on the dry side, try using coconut oil instead. You can mix these two ingredients if you have combination or normal skin — either plain or mixed with some sugar to create a great exfoliant.

Coconut oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, is an exceptional moisturiser and is a great base for your DIY face mask recipes. When choosing your coconut oil, make sure you are using cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil rather than anything refined.