Coconut oil has long been regarded as the holy grail, all-in-one miracle solution for a slew of beauty and health concerns, including supporting the immune system and supposedly aiding in weight loss. And while there has been an increasing amount of naysayers in the recent years, a Harvard professor just made very shocking claims about the controversial food.

Dr. Karin Michels, an adjunct professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, has called coconut oil “poison” in a talk she gave in July, and the YouTube video of her speech uploaded then has now garnered over 900,000 views on YouTube. In the video she says, “I can only warn you urgently about coconut oil.”

Photo: Health Nut News

She mentioned that coconut oil is more harmful than animal lard as it is composed of saturated fatty acids which can clog coronary arteries. It raises LDL cholesterol, which essentially is bad cholesterol. Yes, coconut oil may benefit the body from the outside, but you may want to reconsider feeding yourself with this ‘healthy’ ingredient.

Also, if you are going to use coconut oil, make sure it is a virgin oil. Everything in moderation, people!

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