It’s not surprising that more and more women are consciously choosing to fly solo, despite the fact that building a career whilst starting a family is deemed the conventional milestones to achieve. Being single is a beautiful thing that is beyond empowering and it has loads of benefits too, so can you blame them?

Well, a new survey by the matchmaking app Tinder had asked over 1,000 single 18 to 25 year olds about their thoughts towards dating and being single. Most of the participants felt that being single benefited them in some way or another, and many of them also made a conscious choice to stay single for longer periods of time.

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Here’s what the participants mentioned:

1. 81% of singles said that being single benefits them – Most of them cited having more time for work, friends and wellness.

2. 72% of singles have chosen to stay single for longer periods – A majority of them have consciously decided to stay single to enjoy it purposefully. 62% did it to put themselves first, whereas 47% took the time to focus on studying.

3. 40% of singles wouldn’t settle for the wrong person just for the sake of being in a long-term relationship – These singles want to be in a relationship for the right reasons, and settling just wasn’t an option.

4. Over half of the women said being single made them feel independent – Who said they ever feel like lonely spinsters?!

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5. They were also more likely to feel empowered by being single – It really quashes the stereotype whereby women are more likely to want relationships as compared to men.

6. 61% of single women felt uneasy about a long-term relationship – They worry about settling down for the wrong reasons.

7. Over half of them agree that singles have more fun – On top of that, they are also more open to new experiences than those who had partners.

Granted, choosing to stay single or wanting to be attached is a personal choice. With that said, it’s extremely refreshing to know that more young, fierce and strong women are embracing their single status instead of being in wrong relationships. You go, girls!