For the longest time, all the world ever wanted was for their teeth to be pearly white and stain-free. Think about it. Most, if not all readily available dental products and treatments in the market aim to whiten and brighten teeth.. until now that is.

New York-based cosmetics brand Chrom has unveiled a peculiar product that has been making headlines everywhere – tooth polish. Yeap, and it does exactly what you’re probably picturing in your head right at this moment.

Chrom’s toothpolishes come in 10 different colours, which can be applied and removed conveniently. Packaged like lip glosses, these toothpolishes come in shades like Baby Blue, Sunshine and Mint.

According to the brand, the toothpolishes don’t taste like anything and are also apparently budge-proof, so you can eat and drink without worrying about your rainbow-coloured teeth.

How do you remove the “100% safe” polish, you ask? While the toothpolish claims to last for 24 hours on the teeth, removal is as easy as brushing your teeth. It also doesn’t stain the teeth.

Chrom founder David Silverstein told Insider about the FDA-approved product, “We see this [colorful teeth] becoming commonplace — everything from a club vibe to an everyday workplace fashion accent.”

Okay, while it may be music festival material, we highly doubt most employers will be happy if you show up to a client meeting with glaring pink-coloured chompers.. What’s wrong with white teeth?!

Anyway, should you be interested, check out the brand’s website. Each toothpolish retails for $20!

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