Miss Universe 2018, the 67th edition of the worldwide pageant, will be happening in Thailand on 16 December, and representing our country is none other then reigning Miss Universe Malaysia 2018, 21-year-old accounting and finance student, Jane Teoh.

While the whole evening’s affair keeps viewers on their toes, one of the most highly anticipated highlights would have to be the national costume parade whereby the contestants strut their stuff down the runway donning elaborate costumes that best represent their home country.

How does this year’s Malaysian creation look like, you ask? It’s an intricate Bangau Perahu national costume, an artistic interpretation of traditional Malay craftsmanship by designer Salleh Hamid. The outfit, which took six months to complete, features prime elements of the Malaysian culture.

The exquisite garb, inspired by the boat’s crane, most commonly seen on fishing boats of the East Coast, is adorned with a bangau on the right shoulder and okok on the left, with caping on the neck. The warrior-like attire also spotlights a corset made to look like an armour, as well as 3D shield-like structure resembling the front of the boat.

The final look is then complemented with royal blue, custom-bade boots designed by Rhea Tan. All the best, Jane! We’re all counting on ya. 😉

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