Building a workout wardrobe is unfortunately akin to making a mini investment. Quality sports bras and leggings that extend adequate support, breathability, comfort, coverage and positively boost performance depending on the impact level of the activity certainly don’t come cheap. In fact, the ultimate cardinal sin when it comes to buying workout gear is prioritising fashion over function, especially where sports bras are concerned. Here’s why:

Sports bras should be replaced every six to 12 months, depending on the exercise you do and how often you do it. Generally, running will wear down a sports bra quicker than low-impact activities like yoga or pilates. With that said, it also boils down to how big your assets are. Always check for worn label as well as loosened bands and straps. There should always be a firm resistance and if not, it’s time to toss them out.

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There are way heavier repercussions that may be irreversible should you continue to wear sports bras that are way past their prime. Doing so can actually break down the breast tissue depending on the movement and impact, aside from the obvious discomfort. Progressively, the boobs will begin to sag and stretch with the lack of proper support. It will be too late by then to fix the problem.

So, how do you choose the right sports bra? Your body and the workout are the two most important factors. If you have firmer breast tissue, you may only require minimal support. However, should your workout of choice involve high-impact movements like boxing, HIIT, spinning and running, you are still advised to opt for a sports bra that gives you a higher level of support.

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The question is.. How do you choose the proper size and fit? This four-point checklist details it all – 1: The bottom band should not ride up and should stay secure; 2: With the cups, check for any spillage or gaping, especially when underwires are present; 3: The straps should be adjusted so that there is tension, though it shouldn’t be digging into the skin; and 4: Jump to check the fit. There should be minimal to no movement of the boobage area.

Finally, how should you care for your sports bra? Definitely do not run them through the dryer as it will shorten its lifespan way faster. You may also want to chuck it in a laundry net or bag specifically meant for lingerie and underwear just to ensure that it doesn’t get stretched out any more than it should. Here’s to the longevity of your sport bras and better workouts with them now that you know exactly what to look out for!