There are tens of thousands of workplaces scattered all around the nation, with thousands of employee hired, but they all have one thing in common — colleagues with annoying antics. No matter where you work, the industry or the size of the company, you’ll inevitably find yourself looking at a coworker and wonder, “Why are you like this?”

Whatever it is, you’ll usually tend to let it slide since you can’t afford to offend anyone and get roped into unnecessary office politics. So tell us, which of these unbearable workplace habits do you hate the most, or perhaps, guilty of?

1) Sing out loud (and out of key) to the music playing from their headphones

Seriously though, be a decent human and try to not annoy others with your out of tune singing voice because the office is not a place for a karaoke sesh.

2) Chew food loudly at their desk

Modern workplaces typically boast open concepts to encourage interaction between employees, but while this is effective, it neglects to consider noisy eaters who drive everyone else insane while trying to focus on their tasks. Out you go to the pantry.. or wherever else.

3) People who drag their feet

Let’s be real – How lazy can a person be to refuse lifting their feet while walking?

4) Talk on the phone loudly

Or worse, put the caller on loudspeaker. Like, sure Aini, we’re totally intrigued to listen to your non-stop flirting with a stranger you met online.


5) Leave their desk looking like an eyesore

Technically, the condition of their desk doesn’t affect anyone else, but you know, it may hurt the eyes of their neighbours! That is tolerable, but let’s not get started with those whose things overspill to your own personal space..

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6) People who bring their babies or kids into work

Surely it isn’t a great or safe environment for the little ones to play around at. More importantly, kids can be distracting AF in the office, especially when other co-workers are going on and on about how adorable they are.

7) Pranksters

I’m looking at you Bernie Tan — the ex-colleague who thought it was funny to prank us with the world’s hottest chilli, and didn’t even apologise when I was bawling my eyes out due to the stomach ulcer I had as a result. These kind of people do not deserve to be happy. jkjk

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8) People who leave their dirty dishes in the sink

Attention your highnesses – The office is not your kingdom and there are no helpers to help clean up your mess. Even though there may be cleaners who come in weekly, how hard can washing one damn plate be?

9) Office whisperers 

In other words, those who gossip about everyone and everything around — and makes it their mission to share the wealth with whoever else who will listen. Remember, ganging up on an officemate is not cool, especially when the person is not even there to defend themselves.

10) Leaving your phone notifications dinging and pinging all day long

When you’re in the office, please put your phone on silent mode and let it vibrate instead. Nobody cares about your new ringtone, and it’s even more frustrating when you’re not at your desk when the phone rings continuously.

11) Stealing food from the fridge

If it’s an honest mistake, fine. But if somebody’s name has clearly been marked on the packaging, then you know you shouldn’t touch it. Period.

12) Mr. Know-it-all

This person has an opinion about everything and loves to tell you how to do your job better. They probably mean well though. When someone offers an unsolicited opinion, reply with, “Thanks, I’ll think about that.” Hopefully, he/she will get the message.

13) Mr. Do-you-know-who-I-am?

You will undoubtedly run into a situation whereby a certain someone is favoured more by your superior, or simply thinks very highly of him or herself. There are also those influencer-types who expect everyone else to bow down to them regardless of the scenario.

14) The grump

In other words, the complainer — someone who exudes negativity 24/7. These colleagues will find fault even in the smallest things such as seating placement, the temperature or worse, the colour of Susan’s blouse. Nothing can satisfy them.

15) Overpowering food

Please do not bring foul- or strong-smelling foods like durian-infused delicacies from home into the office.. unless you’re going to offer everyone else some.

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