A new year signifies new promises, new chances and a clear slate to start over and achieve new heights. With that, we’re bidding 2017 goodbye to officially welcome 2018! Here’s what some of our Malaysian celebrities have said about ringing in the brand new year:

1. Nora Danish

2. Marion Caunter

3. Carey Ng

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Peace out 2017! ✌🏼Alhamdulillah for a year filled with amazing times at work, travels, lessons, memories, patience, love, tears, forgiveness and laughters. I thank Allah SWT for keeping me safe and for protecting me from the harm of evils, I thank my beloved family for always being my biggest support unit, my darling husband for completing me, my friends for always rooting for me, my managers and assistants for being my wings to fly and my beloved Love Warriors for continuously praying for my happiness and success. I am the luckiest girl in the world and I promise to always count my blessings so that I am able to always stay grounded in this big big world. Here’s to a magical 2018! 🎉. With tremendously lots of LOVE.. Yours truly, Faz. 💖 📸 @fazdleeisa #NYC2017

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4. Nur Fazura Sharifuddin

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warning : unnecessarily long winded ramble of words ahead. . For the past few days I've been trying to think of the words or sentences to summarize what the whole of 2017 has been to and for me and now finally, a couple of minutes ago, I decided to give up on that task. It's seemingly impossible for me to wrap up all that this year has brought to me because well.. it has indefinitely and infinitely changed my perspective on life itself (or world view as some might call it). . 2017 has, for me, been a year of testing, endings, new beginings, learning, reforming, introspection and ultimately, a much needed clarification towards my journey of self actualization so far. ……. I guess. Hehehhehe 😬. In any case, I could not have possibly made it through without these amazing women (tagged in the pics) beside me. Thank you for all that you have been and done for me; only each of you would know exactly what I mean by the words of this post, which is essentially for you guys. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you all the most. . . As we all now move on now towards a new calendar year, I pray for only the best for each of you guys and I hope to not disappoint too much in any upcoming circumstance. Also.. in light of my new acceptance towards being an INTP, feel free to correct me or shut me up if I ever get too carried away in my own head regarding anything at all 😂😅. I love you all to the edge of the universe and back. 2018 is going to be awesome. 🎉🎆❤

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5. Elizabeth Tan

6. Aishah Sinclair

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Wow 2017 has come and gone. Though there were challenges, from deciding to compete in two bikini competitions to leaving radio, many milestones were achieved this year and its time to set new ones for 2018! More than anything thanking God for the many blessings that have been placed before me this year.. the immediate people in my life and the events that have transpired. 3 Things I aim for in 2018: 1. To be more grateful and give thanks everyday to my Lord. 2. ‎How can I be more of blessings to those around me? 3. ‎How else can I be more loving to my family and everyone else? Wishing everyone a blessed New Year in advance and may we all continue to love one another. 2018 I'm ready for you. 😘 #LiLowThoughts #HappyNewYear #LiveLoveLift #Hello2018 #NewYearGoals #Goals #Blessings #Gratitude #Cherish #Family #Phil413 #John316

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7. Linora Low

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The best of nine for 2017. Snippets of my life in pictures and what was loved best. ▪️ What a year 2017 was. Always eventful, we saw a year where we had our catholic wedding come to life, watching @evajeanboden grow up to a feisty independent 2 yr.old, @drnickboden’s prestigious award, a mad year of work, and welcoming my 2nd pregnancy… ▪️ I have plenty to be thankful and grateful for. My family’s and my health, and the fact that we have each other. Every NYE I reflect on how my life has taken a 360deg change in the past 3 years and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to see if all this is real. ▪️ My hope is that 2018 brings us peace, understanding and a whole truck load of luck.😜 Looking fwd to my Baby due in May 2018! ▪️ Have a wonderful celebration tonight! And a fantastic 2018!

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8. Elaine Daly

9. Sazzy Falak

10. Vanessa Tevi Kumares

11. Hunny Madu

12. Yuna

13. Thanuja Ananthan

14. Azura Zainal

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2017 has been a journey. Starting a new life In a foreign place keeping in mind I may never live in Malaysia again. It has been a year of learning from mistakes, inner conflict, being willing to accept , process and change from within. A time of adjusting expectations and understanding that forgiveness doesn't comes easy for many. There has been heartbreak ,fear, unimaginable hurdles yet the end has brought little cracks of sunlight that perhaps will make the coming year an adventurous yet beautiful journey. My love to everyone. Stay safe and have a wonderful NYE. #2017 #2018 #newyearseve #malaysiatoamerica #subangtoseattle #chamco #peninsularpalms #love #life #hurdles #learning #htc10 #htcmalaysia #sunshine #chip #gratitude #learning #happiness #forgiveness #growth

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15. Nadine Ann Thomas

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