Conspiracy theories about the AI (artificial intelligence) apocalypse are everywhere, and yet the world is increasingly gearing towards this automated future through machines.. As is this restaurant in Subang Jaya with special pathways built in so that its robot waiters can manoeuvre around the tables to serve food.

Photo: Nam Heong

That’s right. Nam Heong, a restaurant known for its Ipoh chicken rice, will soon be introducing robot waiters at its Da:Men mall outlet and these robots will also be implemented into its other existing stores nationwide in the near future. This unique concept was first introduced to its Ipoh branch.

Photo: Nam Heong

If you think these robot waiters dressed in red and white aren’t creepy enough, they are programmed to carry multiple trays at once, are the size of regular human beings and have been given monikers after iconic celebrities such as Chinese actress Angelababy and Taylor Swift. Oh, they can also converse in many languages.

We’re pretty sure many other restaurants will soon pick up this innovative system, but the real question is.. Is replacing manual labour with these cyborgs really the way forward?

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