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See A Whole New Side Of Jennifer Lawrence In The Red Sparrow Trailer

Okay, we all know that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t new to the whole bad*ss thing, but we’re pretty certain you’ve never seen her as a sultry spy, which she plays in Fox’s upcoming film Red Sparrow.

Lawrence’s character, Dominika Egorova, is a former Russian ballerina who is forced into a Russian intelligence program to get her mother medical care. “They gave me a choice: die or become a Sparrow,” she says in the trailer.

Photo: GQ

In the trailer, Egorova trains with other young women and then commits several murders in multiple disguises. She also falls in love with a CIA agent, played by Joel Edgerton, who then coerces her to become a double agent.

Directed by Francis Lawrence who also helmed the last three Hunger Games movies, Red Sparrow also features Matthias Schoenaerts, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeremy Irons, Ciaran Hinds, and Joely Richardson.

The film hits Malaysian cinemas March 2nd 2018.

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