For many Malaysians, travelling to the Land of Smiles is still pretty affordable compared to many other destinations close by. Besides, Thailand is just a short flight (or long car ride) away and for that reason, not a lot of us carry big wads of cash whenever we do decide to visit.

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With that said, new information found on the Thai Embassy website states that all foreign visitors should have at least THB5,000 on hand (except minors under 12 years ago) if they do not want to be denied entry into the country. It doesn’t matter whether you arrive to Thailand by land, sea or air modes of transportation.

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Those who enter Thailand are supposed to possess at least 5,000 THB per person or 10,000 THB per family, but the equivalent of any other currency will work too. According to reports, this is done to avoid visitors from entering the country to work illegally and keep out tourists who are begging at the side of the streets for money to fund their travels. Take note!

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