Before, there was no way for us to schedule Uber rides to get to and fro the airport, but all that is about to change as the ride-hailing company has just introduced a Schedule Rides feature that allows riders to preset the time of their Uber rides up to 30 days in advance.

The new feature has been culminated thanks to a new partnership between Uber and AirAsia, and aside from being able to schedule rides, the partnership will bring forth many other perks for riders, including promo codes, discounted rides and other joint marketing efforts.

Photo: Shutterstock

This partnership doesn’t end here but will extend throughout 52 cities and 16 markets across Asia Pacific and the U.S., wherever both AirAsia and Uber operate. Additionally, AirAsia has integrated Uber within its official website and app so users can request or schedule Uber rides when confirming, booking or checking in for flights.

For those of you who are new to Uber, register for an account with the promo code “AIRASIA” to enjoy promo codes or discounted rides on the spot. Cheers to a more seamless, convenient and affordable commute to and fro the airport!

Carmen Chong
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