Yaay, No Toll Charges Will Be Implemented When You Enter Singapore!

2018 is starting to look good already.

alphonso/2nd linkst/501/1 Feb 98Is back to school and work again. Singaporean families who spend their long weekends celebrating Chinese New Year and Hari Raya in neighbour country Malaysia, upon returning via the new Tuas 2nd link faces free flow of trafic.

Good news, folks!

Starting from 1st Feb 2018, Singapore will revise and abolish charges for vehicles leaving and entering the republic via the Woodlands checkpoint — an effort to effectively disperse traffic at the two land links and reduce congestion at the Johor Causeway.

The Land Transport Authority of Singapore said this was in line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates, which would certainly benefit thousands of Malaysians who commute to Singapore daily from Johor Bahru.

Singapore toll charges for all ve­­hicles (except motorcycles) leaving Singapore via Woodlands will be reduced, and toll charges for all vehicles (except motorcycles) entering the republic via Woodlands will be removed.


These are the changes that will occur from 1st Feb 2018 onwards:

  • Cars: S$1 (RM3) to leave the republic — Before: S$3.80 (RM11.40) and S$2.70 (RM8.10) for leaving and entering SG
  • Vans and light goods vehicles: S$1.50 (RM4.50) — Before: S$5.80 (RM17.40) to leave and S$4 (RM12) to enter SG
  • Heavy goods vehicles: S$2 (RM6) — Before: S$7.70 (RM23.10) to enter and S$5.30 (RM15.90) to leave SG
  • Taxis: 50 cents (RM1.50) — Before: S$1.90 (RM5.70) to leave and S$1.40 (RM4.20) to enter SG
  • Buses: 80 cents (RM2.40) — S$3.10 (RM9.30) to leave and S$2.20 (RM6.60) to enter SG

In line with Singapore’s long-standing policy of matching Malaysia’s toll rates, this toll-free entry was decided in light of the Malaysian government’s abolishment of the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) toll plaza operations, which was effective on 1st January.


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