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This One-Of-A-Kind LighterSaber Is Created By Malaysians & It’s Available On Kickstarter

The perfect accessory for lighting young Padawan's birthday candles!

Whether you’re six, 16 or 26-years-old, you probably remember the feeling when you first picked up a lightsaber.

My first time was at a friend’s house, who had a near-perfect replica of the historic lightsaber that belonged to Luke Skywalker — which had me gawking at the IRL glowing stick all night long. Every time the lightsaber catches my eye, I feel compelled to swoosh it around the living room like a bona fide, Clone Wars-era Jedi.

With that said, we have good news for earthlings who just can’t get enough of Star Wars iconic tools!

Malaysia’s very own purveyor of creative solutions, Expedio Design is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to mass produce one-of-a-kind Star Wars-inspired device that lights up and sets fire to things — introducing the LighterSaber. 

It’s sleek, compact and has a cool “schvrmmmmmmm!” sound when used.

Interesting right? Arm yourselves with the most sought-after weapon in the galaxy. It is the perfect piece for those who have always wanted to hold and feel something intergalactic in the palm of their hands.

P/S: Kickstarter backers will stand a chance to save 55% on retail price and receive an exclusive LighterSaber cap and pin!


Head over to the Kickstarter page if you’d like to contribute some of your galactic currency to this worthy cause, which runs until 8 February 2018 and will be ready to take on the First Order come June 2018.

To learn more, check out the LighterSaber video on Expedio Design’s Facebook page here.

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